Beginning August 1, 2011 state regulatory surcharges are increasing. All customers in Alaska, regardless of carrier, will be paying the increased surcharges. The telecommunications is becoming more mobile and customers want more advanced services. Efforts through the telecommunications industry and the Regulatory
Commission of Alaska make sure that Alaska telecommunication providers are keeping a reliable service and are providing the advanced technology that users need and want. We here at Adak Telephone Utility want to help you understand these changes. We are working hard to provide more value for you and we thank you for being an Adak Telephone Utility customer.

The NAF surcharge will increase to $3.75 and that fee helps to partially compensate your local telephone company for the cost of installation and maintenance of the telephone wire that links your home or business to the in-state telephone network.

The AUSF rate will increase to 9.3% and the AUSF is a state program that helps keep telephone service rates affordable for all Alaskans. Our “Lifeline Program” is subsidized by this program so qualifying low income customers can get basic local service.

The RCA Surcharge increased on your July billing up to .787% and that covers the commission’s budget to help operate and the RCA regulates public utilities to ensure adequate services at reasonable rates.

Adak Telephone Utility looks forward to providing you, our customer with up to date technology and quality service. Thank you for your continued patronage and loyalty to our company. Should you have any questions about your service or the contents of this letter, please call our Customer Service.