Adak Eagle Enterprises wants to thank the community of Adak for their generous hospitality and good time at the “Adak BBQ” on July 30th. We appreciated Aleutian Sportsbar opening up their establishment for the day and allowing us the use of their kitchen and facilities. We used every inch of their space and we were able to feed everyone that came to the BBQ. Thank you Aleutian Sportsbar!!

We want to thank Alaska Airlines. They not only carried all the Anchorage employees to Adak but also the food and supplies needed for the day of the BBQ. The airline crew on Adak did a great job of unloading the plane and making sure our food and supplies came through safely.

We had a great time that day and we could not have done this without our “Adak Community” coming to the BBQ. It was wonderful to see everyone, make new friends and visit with old ones, and especially watching the children playing and having a good time!