December 2, 2011


To ALL Windy City Cellular Customers,

Windy City Cellular is striving to have the best quality of service and we are working to get the technology to our customers for the features we know you want to have and use.

Beginning December 6th we will be in the process of a conversion from our prior cellular support to a new support. All our customers’ cellular phones will be temporarily “roaming” until January when we will be switching all sim cards. The roaming during this time will be at no charge to our customers. You will still have the same calling features during this time of conversion. There should be no interruption in service for our customers.

The new sim cards will be better equipped to provide the uninterrupted service in calls and also provide better technology. On January 9th, we will be having an “Open House” for our new retail store and providing new sim cards. We look forward to a one on one “Meet and Greet”. If you have any questions regarding your cellular service, please call the Anchorage office.

Thank you very much,


Rene’ Crews
Windy City Cellular
Customer Service Supervisor