December 20, 2011

To ALL Windy City Cellular Customers,

Windy City Cellular is striving to have the best quality of service and we are working to get the technology to our customers for the features we know you want to have and use.

One way we can provide service best to our customers is having the farthest retail cellular store in the Aleutian chain.  We are having a Grand Opening on January 9th thru the 11th.  The store is located in the High School next to the post office.  There, our customers will have access to the products we have to offer along with the knowledgeable staff to match our plans with your cellular needs.

During our Grand Opening, we are switching all SIM cards in our customer’s phones.  This is necessary as the new SIM cards will be better equipped to provide the uninterrupted service in calls and also to provide better technology in the instance of an international calling plan our company will soon be implementing.

It is very important that you refer to the manual that came with your phone with the instructions in backing up your contacts, music, photos to your phone and or computer.  This needs to be done to be able to transfer that information to your new SIM card.  We will transfer your contacts for you if necessary at time of SIM transfer.  At some point, the current SIM card in your phone will not work and it will be necessary to have the new SIM card.

If you will not be in Adak, please call our Anchorage office to make arrangements to have your SIM card be transferred properly.  If the SIM card needs to be mailed, we will mail it certified.

This includes all Pre-Paid Cellular customers as well.

Thank you very much and we will be happy to assist in any way to make this SIM card transition simple and convenient.

Rene’ Crews


Windy City Cellular

Customer Service Supervisor