The Lifeline Program is designed to ensure that quality telecommunications services are available to eligible consumers at just, reasonable, and affordable rates.

Lifeline is a service offered as part of a government assistance program which provides discounts on recurring monthly phone, wireless or broadband service charges.

The Telephone service charge will be $18.69 per month with the $34.25 monthly Lifeline discount. Not including the Surcharges and Taxes.

The Cellular service charge will be $35.75 per month which includes 1,000 Local Minutes with In State Long Distance with the $24.25 monthly Lifeline discount.  Not including the Surcharges and Taxes.

Link-Up provides a one-time discount of $90.00 on the installation of telephone per household. Deposit will be waived if selecting Toll Restriction. Additional features, beyond the basic services, are not covered by Lifeline.

Available to eligible consumers who qualify through participation in other government programs or income. The service is non-transferable and the program is limited to one discount on telcom service per household.  For assistance in determining if there is more than one household at your residence, please complete the Lifeline Household Worksheet.

You will need to provide documentation for enrollment showing proof of participation in a qualifying Federal program OR Household income at or below 135% of Federal Poverty guidelines for your household size.

2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines

2019 Income            Number of People in Household

$21,060                                  1

$28,526                                  2

$35,991                                  3

$43,457                                  4

$50,922                                  5

$58,388                                  6

$65,853                                   7

$73,319                                   8

For each additional person add $7,466


Federal Assistance programs

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Supplemental Security Income
Federal Public Housing Assistance
Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit

Tribal-Specific Federal Assistance Programs

Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
Tribally administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Head Start
Food distribution Program on Indian Reservations

How do I Apply?

The National Verifier is available for service providers in Alaska. During this soft launch, service providers have the option to use the National Verifier to check consumers eligibility or to use their legacy eligibility methods.

At the National Verifier hard launch, service providers must use the National Verifier when helping consumers apply to the Lifeline Program. Consumers may also apply to the Lifeline Program on their own through the National Verifier consumer portal or by mail.

Go to Lifelinesupport.org for more information and you can apply online by going to the National Verifier consumer portal at CheckLifeline.org

An application for enrollment and the Household Worksheet is on this link.  Please print out the application and Worksheet, provide copies of your supporting documents and mail to: 1410 Rudakof Circle, Anchorage, AK   99508 or email to: customerservice@adaktu.net

Annual Re-Certification

If you receive a discount on your service, you are required to re-certify on the anniversary of your enrollment. Adak Telephone Utility or Windy City Cellular will be mailing current lifeline customers a letter and a form prior to the anniversary date.  The subscriber must complete the Lifeline Re-Certification form and along with supporting documents, return to us by the date noted in the letter in order to continue receiving the Life line benefit.  With some qualifying programs removed, if the subscriber does not participate in one of the programs listed, they will no longer be eligible for Lifeline.  It is the Lifeline customer’s responsibility to provide verification of their eligibility and to keep ATU or WCC informed of any changes in their status which might affect their qualification to receive Lifeline.