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Adak Telephone Utility

Available Packages

Single Line $40.60
Second Residential Line $29.70
Single Business Line $53.60
Multi-Business Line $53.60
Business Data Lines $28.60
Residential Lifeline Discounts
Lifeline Local Discount ($24.25)
Lifeline End User Fee Discount ($6.50)
Lifeline State Tax Discount ($3.50)
Linkup Discount ($90.00)
Deposit and Installation Fees
Residential or Business Deposit $100.00
Residential or Business Installation $90.00
Residential or Business Work Order Fee $30.00

Lifeline is a government assistance program offering a qualified customer a discount on their monthly local telephone and wireless service charges.  Beginning December 2, 2016, a customer can only qualify for a Lifeline benefit by either their household income, participating in federal assistance programs or Tribal-specific federal assistance programs.  State assistance programs will no longer be accepted for the federal discount.

Only eligible consumers may enroll, the service is non-transferable and the program is limited to one discount per household.

All listed service prices include End User Fee, Universal Access Surcharge and Network Access Fee.   Other taxes and surcharges apply.