Adak Telephone Utility

Available Packages

Single Line $40.60
Second Residential Line $29.70
Single Business Line $53.60
Multi-Business Line $53.60
Business Data Lines $28.60
Deposit and Installation Fees
Residential or Business Deposit $100.00
Residential or Business Installation $90.00
Residential or Business Work Order Fee $30.00

All listed service prices include End User Fee, Universal Access Surcharge and Network Access Fee.   Other taxes and surcharges apply.

Residential Lifeline Discounts
Lifeline Local Discount ($24.25)
Lifeline End User Fee Discount ($6.50)
Lifeline State Tax Discount ($3.50)
Linkup Discount ($90.00)

Lifeline is a government assistance program offering a qualified customer a discount on their monthly local telephone and wireless service charges.  Beginning December 2, 2016, a customer can only qualify for a Lifeline benefit by either their household income, participating in federal assistance programs or Tribal-specific federal assistance programs.  State assistance programs will no longer be accepted for the federal discount.

Only eligible consumers may enroll, the service is non-transferable and the program is limited to one discount per household.

Service Area (Adak, Alaska)

atu service area