Wi-Fi Hotspots

New to Adak! Windy City, LLC now offers Wi-Fi hotspots around Adak! Want to surf the internet for the day? Go to the Adak Airport, Community Center, Pier 5, or our other locations around the island to access our Wi-Fi hotspots. Check out the rates below:

Basic Plans

Duration Rate Speed (Down/Up) Bandwidth Usage
1 Day $35.101 256 / 128 kbps 200MB
3 Days $105.301 256 / 128 kbps 600MB

Premium Plans

Duration Rate Speed (Down/Up) Bandwidth Usage
1 Day $57.721 512 / 256 kbps 300MB
7 Days $221.521 256 / 128 kbps 1400MB

Disclaimer: All prepaid broadband services are non-refundable unless our technical department has been notified of a service related issue that results in partial or total broadband service failure. Our technical department must be notified as soon as the diminished service is observed. Notifying our technical department after the prepaid service has lapsed does not constitute appropriate notification. Windy City IT can be reached during normal business hours by dialing 611 from any local service telephone. If after business hours, please call 1-888-328-4222 and follow the related prompts. Refunds will be issued if the appropriate notification has been observed and documented.
1: All rates include 4% sales tax.