About us

Adak Eagle Enterprises, LLC dba Adak Telephone Utility started in October 2003. The company is a minority owned company currently doing business on the island of Adak, Alaska. Adak Island is part of the Aleutian chain. The company headquarters is in Anchorage, Alaska, which is approximately 1,200 miles east of Adak Island. Adak Island was used by the US military from the 1930’s until it was shut down as part of the base reassignment and closures in 1996.

While Adak was under Navy control, all telecommunications were under the Navy’s control as well. The Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) and Alaska Public Utilites Commission never certified the area. No other local exchange carrier provides or ever provided service to Adak. Two carriers, GCI and AT&T Alascom presently provide inter- and intra-state telecommunication services on Adak, via Satellite. Although the facilities originally were built to serve Navy requirements, both companies continue, and have committed to continue, long distance service to the Island of Adak.


Adak Eagle Enterprises, LLC provides all of the telecommunications including IPTV and broadband services on Adak Island. Adak Eagle Enterprises, LLC in November 2006 replaced all copper facilities with fiber optic from the premises to the central office.
AT&T Alascom satellite earth station and GCI’s satellite earth station provide satellite delivery of the telecommunications traffic to Anchorage and are the only active routes off of the Island. On November 11th, 2006 Adak Eagle Enterprises, LLC’s new T-7000 switch replaced the old PBX system the Navy left behind.


Adak Eagle Enterprises, LLC now provides leading edge ISP services to the island of Adak, Alaska – including the farthest western city in the United States, where the only internet uplink is satellite due to Adak’s remote nature.