Windy City Broadband, LLC


Residential Packages


Plan Speed (Down/Up) Bandwidth Usage
Residential Silver 384 / 256 kbps 2GB
Residential Gold 512 / 256 kbps 4GB
Residential Platinum 512 / 384 kbps 6GB
  • 2 E-mail addresses with 25MB email space
  • Spam filtering
  • 24×7 support

Business Packages 

Plan Speed (Down/Up) Bandwidth Usage
Business Silver 512 / 512 kbps 5GB
Business Gold 768 / 512 kbps 7GB
Business Platinum 768 / 512 kbps 10GB
  • 4 E-mail addresses w/ 30MB email space
  • Spam filtering
  • 24×7 support

Dedicated Broadband Packages


3 year contract unless otherwise specified
Early Termination penalty

Plan Speed (Down/Up) Bandwidth Usage One Time Fee
Dedicated A 1M/ 384 kbps 15GB $125
Dedicated B 1M/ 512 kbps 30GB $125
Dedicated C 2M/ 512 kbps 50GB $125

Local City tax 4%

Residential $ 100.00
Business      $ 100.00
Dedicated Business $100.00

Install Fees
Residential $ 125.00
Business $ 125.00
Netgear 8-port Fast Ethernet Switch Required for simultaneous CableTV and Internet Service $68.00
Wireless Router All-in-one Internet-sharing, 4 ports, and Wireless-G (802.11g) Access Point   $ 102.00
Comtrend Powerline Powergrid 902 Ethernet Adaptor Extends your local area network using existing power lines, eliminating extra wiring (so you can move your cable box and router) $152.48
Hardware Maintenance Agreement (per site) $300.00 Onsite Visit


Residential Monthly Flat Rate Tech Support ($25.00)

Business Monthly Flat Rate Tech Support ($50.00)

Dedicated Monthly Flat Rate Tech Support ($75.00)


  • No charge to customer for changing MAC address
  • Over the telephone, technical help
    • Securing and configuring wireless router or switch
    • Network requests, connecting additional devices, printer, additional router etc.
    • Training using bandwidth tool when technician is looking at customers personal usage on overage (have guide on
    • Available for answers to questions on software updates, general use of computer such as email setup
    • Advising changing password on router, net gear
    • Advising Blocking websites, users (have guide on
    • Advising Time of Use, meaning setting up times of use for users
    • Advising safeguarding of viruses

Having the Flat Rate Support, Windy City Broadband offering 20% off on in-store Routers and Net Gears


On Overages $50 per GB Residential and Business.  $75 per GB Dedicated
Late Fee 0.0875%

Dial 611 from any phone on Adak for Customer Service or IT Support.

How To Manage Your Bandwidth Use

You can check your web usage here, using our online tool.

Please click here for a short guide  explaining how to use it.

If you wish to block individual websites and have a router provided by WCB, please see WCB Website Blocking.



Off-site Backup Service

  • Per Computer: $10/month1 for up to 10GB space; $5/month1 for additional 10GB
  • Per Site: $60/month1 for up to 80GB space; $5/month1 for additional 10GB
  • Per Site Month to Month: $30 up to 10 GB1
  • These plans include first installation charges. This service provides backup to photos, documents, music, database files, and just about any other file you can imagine.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Supports Volume Shadow Copy and MS Exchange


Need help configuring your E-mail?

  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Select “My server requires authentication”

Network Neutrality Network Management Policy:

Network Neutrality NMP